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Web Hosting Companies Under $8 a Month

Are you looking for an affordable web hosting company? If so, you may find this guide useful. In this guide, I will list some of the best web hosting companies under $8 a month. All of the web mejor hosting españa companies in this guide are under $8 a month and provide everything you need to host a website. So, let’s take a look at the companies.


You can get web hosting from BlueHost for $4.95 a month. That is fairly cheap. With this company, you will get some of the best hosting available. You are provided with the usual tools you need for hosting your website. Here are some of the features and tools you will get with BlueHost Web Hosting Company.

Free Domain Name
24/7 Support
Site Promotion Package
Free eCommerce/Cart
Free Blog, Forum, Board
Unlimited Hosting Space
Unlimited File Transfer
2,500 Email Accounts

Those are just a few of the things you can expect from BlueHost. To see a full list of features and tool, click the BlueHost link above to view their website.

Web Hosting Pad

Web Hosting Pad offer hosting for $3.96 a month. With this hosting package, you will get the basic features and tools needed to host your website. Three of the great things about this site is the unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domains. This company also offers 24/7 support. Here are some of the features and tools you will get at Web Hosting Pad.

Unlimited Hosting Space
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
Host Unlimited Domains
Message Board
Form-mail Script
PHP Nuke
Web Blogs/Wordpress/b2evolution
Unlimited FTP Accounts

Click the above Web Hosting Pad title to view the full features and tools you will receive with this web hosting company.

Just Host

Just Host offers web hosting for $4.95 a month. With this company you will get a money back guarantee. If at any time, you are not satisfied with your services, you can ask for your money back. No questions will be asked. With this company, you will also receive the basic tools and features. Below are some of the tools and features you can expect to find at Just Host.

Unlimited GB of Disk Space
Unlimited Hosted Domains
Free Domain Name
Unlimited POP3/POP3 Secure Email Accounts
Unlimited Email Autoresponder
Unlimited Sub-domains
$25 Google Ad Credits
$25 Yahoo Ad Credits
$25 Miva Ad Credits
24/7 Phone Support
24/7 Email Support
24/7 Live Support inside cPanel
Video Tutorials

You will get a lot more with Just Host. Visit their website to get a full list of features and tools they offer.

The above three are the some of the best web hosting companies under $8 a month. If you are looking for a great and affordable web hosting company, check out the above three companies.

How to Save Money on High-End Business Hosting Plans and Dedicated Servers

So you have finally invested in a high-end business hosting plan. When it comes to business web hosting, it really does pay to add a little more for better services. This is especially true if you want to make sure that your business booms on the internet.
best web hosting canada 2019 and managed dedicated servers may be considered only for big websites. Other people decide to scrimp and take out a small business web host. But with small business web hosting, you also get a smaller bandwidth and less speed. This is why when it comes to business web hosting, you should try to up your budget a little bit. After all, there are other areas where you can cut costs to make up for your business hosting investment. These “other areas” are going to be tackled in this article today.

Get Your Hands Dirty

In today’s times, it is pretty easy to manage your own website whether it is for personal use or for business use. Cutting cost in a website means getting fully hands-on in the experience. This means instead of getting a web site administrator, you should easily play this role yourself. You can cut costs in this area easily because there is technically little managing to do when you already invested a lot of your finances into better and bigger bandwidth, thereby making your website less prone to crashes and reaching maximum server limits. This actually lessens your load as a web site administrator. You no longer need to hire one as a result.

Go for Ad Placement

Saving money may also translate to generating a bit of income to make up for the investment you put in the dedicated server hosting plan. You can get ad placement for services or products that are the same as yours but you do not necessarily carry (because if it is the same, then it will just kill business for you). Every time some of your clients click on the link of related products, you get a bit of revenue out of it.

Seek Small-Scale Help

In today’s times, it is cheaper to outsource online instead of hiring other people from actual companies. If you need someone to redesign the site or the add some cool marketing ad campaigns or write a monthly e-zine for you, you can simply log on to an outsourcing site and have the people bid for the job.

The great thing about this is it is quite easy to do so and the output is fantastic. More and more people are getting creative and their rates are on the competitive side. It is a win-win situation because you get the help you need, get amazing output and you do not have to spend so much for it (e.g. you can buy cheap dedicated servers hosting). All you have to do is to simply look around. Spend time finding the ideal outsourced or freelance artist or graphic designer to give your website that much-needed (or extra) oomph. These are all great areas where you can cut costs or make up for the amount of money you invested in the high-end business hosting plan.

Learn to choose the best small business web hosting company and cheap dedicated servers by visiting

Smart DNS Proxy Review May 2019

Smart DNS at is one of the best DNS service that is fantastic for streaming. It won’t offer you security like a VPN, but you will understand more about the difference between two types of services in this review.

RCXVvCMzSmartdnsproxy Pricing & Plans

SMART DNS proxy is quite similar to 90 percent of VPN and smart DNS providers have set up a plan with impressive discounts the longer you sign for. They also offer a 24 months plan at just $2.08 a month. This is surely a good price for Smart DNS service. also offers a 14 day free trial and there’s no need to enter your payment details. Its annual subscription comes with full 30 day money back offer. Once your annual subscription expires, it returns back to monthly subscription plan.


You can use Smart DNS proxy to unblock six popular sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vevo. They also provide access to 134 Video and Music streaming services in 35 countries-including iPlayer, Netflix and Hulu.

They achieve all this unlocking with the help of 400 servers all around the world with four DNS IPs that are the load balancers. The servers also help with redundancy and help maintain reliability of speed and service.

You can use Smart DNS with any unlimited devices as logn as you use same IP address. However, if you want to use it from multiple locations at the same time, you will have to buy another account.


Security & Privacy is the only SmartDNS provider that has no surprises up its sleeve and offers foolproof security when it comes to connection of the service.

Both Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are well laid out and offer great clarity about their operations.

The Smart DNS proxy website ( is smartly designed and is very easy to navigate and you can easily find all the details. The company offers both live chat and email/ticket based support.

Signing Up

You need to provide full email address, name and password to get full 14 days trial and there is no need to enter payment details.